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A stutter is a type of disorder which affects an individual's rate of speech and fluency, caused by disruptions and stops in speech fluidity. It can affect both adults and children. At Manchester SLT our highly specialist speech and language therapists will be able to provide a speech and language therapy assessment and intervention plan to ensure all individuals concerns and worries are addressed, and everything is done that is possible to make the stutter more manageable.

What is a stutter?

A stutter is something which occurs when there is a disturbance in fluency of speech and can manifest through repetitions of sounds, words or syllables. Sounds can also appear prolonged. The severity of a stutter will very much depend upon the individual, and a stutter may be differ in severity depending upon the situation an individual is faced with.

What causes a stutter?

The cause of a stutter is not known, however research does show that genetic factors may have something to do with causing a stutter. Acquired illness and injury can sometimes cause an individual to stutter if the speech region is affected.

How does stuttering affect people?

Stammering can range from mild to severe and will very much depend upon the individual as to how it will affect a person in their everyday life. In children, a stutter may affect their self-confidence and friendships at school. Children may avoid certain situations in which they are required to talk and may develop habitual avoidance techniques.

How can speech and language therapy help a stutter?

Speech and language therapy can be extremely beneficial for an individual who stutters. This is because speech and language therapists can devise intervention based upon individuals concerns to enable them to manage and cope with the effects of having a stutter. Speech and language therapists can encourage techniques for certain words or situations within which they know will be difficult for individuals. Please contact us at Manchester SLT as soon as possible if you think you or a relative may benefit from speech and language therapy.

Speech and language therapy treatment for stutters

Speech and language therapy for stutters will vary depending upon the individual and the severity of the stutter. At Manchester SLT we offer a comprehensive service and varied techniques to encourage an individual to manage their stutter. There are many different approaches our speech and language therapists can take at Manchester SLT to ensure the best course of treatment is provided for the individual concerned. Slowing down the rate of speech and controlling breathing patterns are two of the most common initial steps in speech and language therapy. After this, a direct approach may be taken to treat stutters which are persistent and apparent in adulthood, this will enable the individual to manage their stutter through various techniques and methods which are most suitable for them.

Benefits of speech and language therapy for a stutter

The benefits of speech and language therapy for individuals who stutter can be life changing. The following are some of the most common benefits and will depend upon the individual concerned:

  • Manageable stutter.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • Increase in intelligibility.
  • Higher awareness of when and where stammering behaviour is more prevalent and how to prevent it occurring.
  • Techniques to control stutter.
  • Reduced anxiety associated with the stutter.
  • Reduced frustration and anxiety levels.
  • Increased social skills and willingness to interact with others.

How do I arrange an appointment with a speech and language therapist?

To arrange an appointment with one of our speech and language therapists at Manchester SLT, or if you would like more information about stuttering and therapy, please contact us by emailing: info@manchesterslt.co.uk.

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