Manchester SLT provide comprehensive reports with a quick turnaround. Created by expert therapists for both adult and children.


Manchester Speech and Language Therapy provide specialist assessments and reports. Manchester SLT provide all types of assessments and reports for adults and children. The types of reports provided include:

Assessment and recommendation reports

Manchester SLT can provide a comprehensive assessment and recommendation report following your initial assessment. The report will outline the findings of the assessment; summarize the outcome measures or assessment tools used during the assessment and make recommendations for further treatment. This service is often utilised by individuals who would like a report for their own records, who are using our services as a second opinion or are requesting funding for treatment from a third party or case manager / solicitor. Other individuals may travel a great distance for an assessment and wish to take a report back to their speech and language therapist in their own town or country.

Update Reports

Update reports are provided for individuals when their circumstances change. They are commonly provided when children start a new school or adults move to new housing or change jobs. Update reports provide an insight into the current treatment, goals and communication methods to allow medical professionals / support workers / teachers / employers to work towards common goals.

Medico Legal Assessments and Reports

Our expert speech and language therapists provide comprehensive medico legal assessments and reports.

Manchester SLT provide medico-legal reports to outline:

  • The current speech and language therapy needs of the claimant
  • The amount and frequency of on-going speech and language therapy input required
  • The cost of on-going speech and language therapy input
  • The capital and annual costs of speech and language therapy
  • The capital and annual costs of speech and language therapy equipment

How long will the report take?

The initial assessment date can be arranged within two weeks of instruction. The expert speech and language therapy report will be provided within four weeks of the initial assessment.

How much will it cost?

A written quotation for our medico-legal speech and language therapy services can be provided following an initial enquiry. Quotations divided into the individual elements of the assessment and report. Report costs can vary depending on the location of the assessment and the complexity of the case and report.

How to instruct Manchester SLT

Prior to us arranging the assessment visit we require written or emailed instruction. Instruction must be in line with PD Part 35. The following information is required along with the instruction:

  • confirmation of acceptance of our terms and conditions
  • the capacity of the appointment
  • the services required of the expert
  • the report purpose
  • particular issues to be addressed
  • timescales and deadlines
  • relevant medical notes and reports
  • the reports of other experts
  • witness statements
  • particulars of claim and defence
  • relevant court orders
  • schedule of loss
  • additional relevant background information
  • please also advise party / parties responsible for the payment of fees

To find out more about our expert speech and language therapist medico legal reports, please contact Manchester SLT on 0161 883 0111.

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