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Sign language

Manchester SLT offers a vast sign language service and specialises in training and communication packages for sign language users, parents/carers and professionals. Manchester SLT's specialist speech and language therapists will devise an individual care plan for individuals who they feel would benefit from sign language support.

Sign language is a visual language consisting of gesture, symbol and sign. There are many different forms of signed language. These include:

British Sign Language (BSL)

British sign language is a language with structure and rules and involves sign and gesture rather than speech. Signs are made using the head, face and hands and body.

Sign Supported English (SSE)

Sign supported English is a form of sign language which does not have its own language structure. Instead, it is used to support speech and follows the same word order of spoken English language.


Makaton is a condensed form of BSL which compliments speech using symbols and sign. Makaton is useful for children who have delayed language as it can be used alongside speech to help them learn new vocabulary.

What is sign Language?

Sign language is a language system made up of gesture and sign. It is used by both adults and children and can be useful when establishing a communication system in young children or when they are acquiring new vocabulary...

Who can benefit from sign language use?

Many different people can benefit from sign language use. For children it can help with language learning, as signs re-affirm the vocabulary they are learning. It can also provide a communication system which is unique to them as they can build upon the foundations of their current knowledge. It can also be useful to an adult who has an acquired speech and language difficulty, as it will give them control of what they want to communicate, and also give them the choice of another method of communication.

What types of training do we offer for sign language?

At Manchester SLT, we offer various training for sign language users and parents/carers. Our specialist speech and language therapists can highlight the benefits of using sign language and work together with individuals, parents or carers as well as professionals to design a therapy plan to incorporate sign into an individual's communication system. It is important to discover the best form of sign language for each individual and work on developing this method to the best of their ability.

Our speech and language therapists also run training programmes for educational staff to incorporate sign language into the school environment.

How do I arrange an appointment with a speech and language therapist to find out more information about sign language?

To arrange an appointment with one of our speech and language therapists, or if you require any more information on our sign language services please contact us by emailing: info@manchesterslt.co.uk or calling: 0161 883 0111.

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